Dona Maria’s releases through the years since 2007 till now:

Listen Exclusively on sound cloud I can read your mind Yariel El Fenomenal ft Dona Maria

I can read your mind (English Version release date March 28/2020

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The 62nd Album by Various artist Released on Feb /07/2020

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Dona Maria's releases through the years since 2007 till now

No More Tragedy single Jan 2019 read the story

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Dona Maria's releases through the years since 2007 till now

Soy Lo Que Soy – I’m What I’m – Akoun Mn Akoun in 3 Languages Click the Photo to Listen to the Album

Go tell it by Dona Maria

Go Tell it Christmas song

Dona maria releases

Dona maria releases

 Album Vol 1 Click on the photo to listen to the Album


The international talented artist Dona Maria  got a worldwide recognition.

As a results of her hard work, many companies such as EMI and Melody Music  distributed her work and so. But the story didn’t stop here. Because Dona Maria wanted more. To read more click here

The 62nd CD by Various Artist

The Album contain the Grammy Awards 1rst Ballot 2020 nominees and so.

The 62nd by Various Artist Album  featuring the artist Dona Maria with her single No More Tragedy and  Distributed by Bongo Boy Record.

No More Tragedy Produced and managed by DM the NO. Click here to listen  and because No More Tragedy  based on the artist one of her true stories that was about  the artist herself and her  coma for 1 month  to read the story Click here 

Dona Maria arrived to the Latin Grammy Awards 2020 in Las Vegas.

Dona Maria is an international

Her latest release was a double version album “Soy Lo Que Soy“, “Akoun Mn Akoun” and “I’m What I’m” and as we all know that she worked on both of the album music and lyrics and that was in the 1rst Ballot  in the Latin Grammy Awards 2019 and the Album featured eleven tracks written and composed by the artist Dona Maria and the Production  signed by DM the NO.

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Latest Press release 2020

Dona Maria’s hottest single press releases. The story after her car accident in March 2016 till now 2020.

Dona Maria from No Quiero 2007 and  Puedo Olvidar 2012 to Soy Lo Que Soy 2018 and No more Tragedy 2019 through I Can read your mind that will be released on March 28/2020 . Read  more

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