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Dona Maria: “I spread positivity through my music and lyrics” interview on “BELLE BEIRUT”

OUT ON JUNE 18 /2018


Dona Maria in the GRAMMY R.A Pro 2018.

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– Congratulations Dona Maria and welcome to the GRAMMY AWARDS PRO R.A we’re thrilled to have you with us as we build Stronger and more inspiring world for Music and it’s creators, so take the PRIDE in the fact that you are now a part of Music’s leading institutions.
دونا ماريا عضو رئيسي في لجنة التحكيم العالمية غرامي اووردز- 
قامة الشركة المذكورة بإرسال رسالة تهنئة الى الفنانة دونا ماريا لانها أصبحت عضو رئيسي وفعال في لجنة الغرامي العالمية وتقول الرسالة لدونا ماريا ان عليها ان تكون فخورة بهذا اللقب الجديد وبانهم اكثر من سعداء لانضمام الفنانة اليهم مع تقديرهم لها رغم صغر سنها الا انها اثبتت وفِي وقت قصير انها مدرسة يتبع الكثيرون خطاها.منا لكي دونا ماريا تهانينا الحارة.
– Felicitaciones Dona Maria y bienvenidos, a la Academia de los premios GRAMMY estamos encantados de tenerte con nosotros mientras construimos un mundo más fuerte y más inspiradorpara la música y sus creadores, así que toma el ORGULLO en el hecho de que ahora eres parte del liderazgo de la música instituciones.


DM the No music

DM the No music” Announces that the artist Dona Maria is taking New contracts for Summer 2018 starting JUNE 2018 and we remind that it’s the month of her official Album release date as well. We are accepting contracts from now for JUNE onward.

بيان يصدر عن شركة “دي أم الا للموسيقى” تعلن أن الفنانة دونا ماريا تأخذ عقود جديدة لصيف 2018 ابتداء من يونيو اَي شهر حزيران 2018، ونذكر انه في شهر حزيران ٢٠١٨ هو تاريخ اصدار الألبوم الجديد للفنانة كذالك، نحن نقبل العقود من الآن لشهر حزيران وصاعدا.

DM the No music” anuncia que la artista Dona Maria tomará nuevos contratos para el verano de 2018 a partir de junio de 2018 y le recordamos que es también el mes de su fecha oficial de lanzamiento del álbum. Estamos aceptando contratos a partir de ahora para JUNIO en adelante.


Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.”


Image may contain: 1 person, closeupتحدد الفنانة دونا ماريا موعد وتاريخ إصدار الألبوم الجديد الذي سيطرح بالأسواق في شهر حزيران ٢٠١٨ والذي
سيتضمن مفاجأت كثيرة
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Dona Maria confirmed her plans to release her new original album, tells fans she’s already working on a double version tracks in one album in Los Angeles.
After her successful releases of her double version singles in Spanish and Arabic , “No Quiero” “La Mosh Ayza”, “Palabras” “Kalam Keteer”, and “Puedo Olvidar” “Kedah Hansak”, #DonaMaria, singer/songwriter/composer revealed the release date of her new album in June 2018.
The Album title will be announce soon.

Dona Maria on Hollywood cover magazine:

Press Talking:



Dona Maria new songs out no late the February 28 / 2017

  • Dona Maria following her recording in the U.S.A
  • and announces that her Arabic version is not in the Egyptian language this time
  • but it will be in the Gulf language, and the there is a surprise in her Spanish version and Arabic version as well
  • and she will distribute both versions no late then the last of this month February 2017.



“Escucha Mi Señor” by Dona Maria New soon…

16406944_10155865677269768_2955075530552249328_n 16265781_10155867960219768_5766353865019937735_n

  • Dona Maria recordings in Los angeles studios for her new double version with a surprise to all her fans soon out in an album!! Stay-Up-To-Date so you want miss whats coming out soon…


Azhar Magasine talking (Press)




Dona Maria on Azhar Al Fan Magazine Cover:
Donamaria on Azhar Al Fan Magazine Cover and interview .
Follow Dona Maria on twitter and Instagram and stay up to date with her latest @donamariafans  Read More
Interview with Dona Maria  On En Radio Fiesta Live:
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Amigos los invito a escuchar aquí Interview with Dona Maria
On En Radio Fiesta On Thursday 13 of October 2016
to listen to the interview go to the following link and click on Escuchar
Dona Maria announce the official association and her marriage to an american engineer:
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The outstanding artist Dona Maria announce the official association and her marriage to an american engineer , rendered this news we could get it in motion, 
the current time Congratulations to the overall distinctive artist Dona Maria, 
our star is always bright.

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دونا ماريا تتماثل للشفاء الحمدلله
وتتمنى للجميع صباح مميز…. 😊
#Donamaria is getting better thank #God and a special Good morning from her to all of you guys…. 


Dona Maria Escapes Death, narrowly escaped:


Were exposed in the past week the young artist Dona Maria terrible accident  on the road to Ghazir and Keserwan, was taken to hospital in a coma.  In a call for  “Beirut mirrors” with her mother Andrea, we learned that the Donna started to restore  their awareness, after it had lost control on her car on while driving.
“Beirut mirrors” wishes speedy recovery لمغنية “don’t want”, and return to engage in  artistic activity as usual.


Dona Maria in the Opera House in Cairo

Uproar the world the appearance of the artist Dona Maria in Cairo without any prior warning or declaration to attend the ceremony  of the General Union of Arab producers and thanks to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the opera house in October 6 in Cairo.

Dona Maria connected in a phone call through Facebook with her fans:

It was a great 1 hour Facebook sync Skype call today with all of you guys,
sorry because i couldn’t take all of your calls but you made me confused all ringing at the same time, but we will repeat this later on in another date thank you again for your love and words, Love you all.


Dona Maria song and video Puedo Olvidar entered the Eurovision 2015 thanx to Germany to represent Dona Maria.

Dona Maria’s Spanish version Puedo Olvidar been selected as the 1rst and last from the Arab world from Germany to vienna in the Eurovision 2015 click on the link and share your opinion bellow Dona Marias video Yes I Can Forget You Puedo Olvidar Kedah Hansak.

Dona Maria Exclusive interview on Tele Liban

click here for the video


Dona Maria Palabras Top #16 in the world wide charts

 The Indie Top 50 Vol. 489  Dona Maria – Plabras Ranked in the Top #16 Congrats


Dona Maria On Radio Tunisia

DonaMaria en #direct sur #Radio Tataouein Tunisie @ 00:20 1:00 pm US le temps

Dona Maria Top5 Kalam Keteer on Jaras scoop and Arabnight Holand



People were happy to see and listen to Dona Maria Live and get the chance to hit the stage to take photos with her and say hello..


Hosting Committee and Foundation Beblorama to elect Miss Byblos 2013 in the resort Edde Sand the artist Dona Maria validity concert and sang her popular songs also and asked the artist Dona Maria to be during the ceremony among the judging panel approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism to select the smartest and most beautiful girl for her coronation this year 2013  Click here…

 Dona Maria Top5 Kalam Keteer on Jaras scoop and Arabnight Holand


PALABRAS and KALAM KETEER, Music and Lyrics by Dona Maria all rights reserved for the artist to listen to the songs click here



Dona Maria Concert  at Marriott Hotel pearl Lounge Doha,  a huge success, Dona Maria appeared in a very special way like she always appear in her videos and to the people they like her music with a special music, songs and performance .

Dona Maria performed and sing live all of her songs and she includes her unreleased new double version Palabras (Spanish Vesrion) and Kalam Keteer (Arabic Version) music and Lyrics by Dona Maria the new double version will distribute first on Itunes and amazone for Dona Maria’s lovers to get the chance to get the double version before the radios releases and official ones…

Dona Maria Live on New Tv

Dona Maria Live on New Tv So many cultures gathered in her her voice and she have her own artistic musical character the program commercial said

Dona Maria in Talk of the Town

An interview followed by Live singing by Dona Maria, a new year 2012 and 2013 episode. click subscribe and watch the video

Dona Maria Live interview on ART U.S.A and Europe

calls from arround the world…
supposed to be for 35 min but because of the many calls from Brazil, Venezuela, U.S.A and more she stayed for an hour and 10 min live on air talking singing surprising and reply to her fans calls…
Dona Maria The singer, Songwriter, Actor, performer and producer have a good heart, strong personality with a great ability… Click For more videos
Dona Maria Interview on Alhurra tv

Dona Maria on Alhurra tv international talking about her thoughts and her latest releases… Click for more videos



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*Dona Marias point why she’s singing in 2 languages and working so hard to give both versions the same meaning?

” I’m trying to let people who doesn’t know Spanish to start learning from my songs and the opposite is right, who doesn’t know Arabic to start learning by singing and listening to my double versions songs…

*Dona Maria cleared the idea of her songs lyrics, why and for what reason she’s singing and writing those kinds of lyrics,  “Through my word I’m trying to give strong and positive energy to those are out of good vibrations and who are feeling lonely and sad to feel powerful and strong no matter happened in their life’s and sure who ever listen or see my songs, lyrics, music and my artistic character can feel and understand what I’m talking about. go to video

While the Live interview was for half an hour suddenly changed to be for an hour and 10 min live on air with Dona Maria talking singing and delivering call from all around the world…

“ I want TO BE PART OF EACH family all around the world and I’m so happy to start seeing this comes true day after day and I’m going to work very hard to reach all my points in this matter in my career” Dona Maria said

Is it true That Dona Maria refused to act an important role in an international cinema movie for that it contains a very delicate sexy scenes in most of her role and she said being sexy is not being cheep because Love and emotions must be sweet and tender that’s if there’s still real love in our century even if I have that strong personality in my artistic looks in my video clips and while being on stage it doesn’t mean that am not a sweet lady in my personal life but sure being sweet doesn’t mean being naive or weak and even if I’m weak well my weakness is my real strength my dears Dona Maria said.


Puedo Olvidar and Kedah Hansak double version

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Puedo Olvidar Spanish version and Kedah Hansak Arabic version music and lyrics of both versions by Dona Maria produced and Managed by:

THE NO production represented by Dona Maria to watch the video  click here

to get the double version by Puedo Olvidar and Kedah Hansak click here

“Yes it’s my first song that I compose it’s music by myself usually i write my lyrics but i tried to compose my next double version Puedo Olvidar and Kedah Hansak after No Quiero and La Mosh Ayza and here they are available and ready to see and hear your comments and again my first double version No Quiero and La Mosh Ayza are not just a song but a way of living ;)”   Dona Maria said

Dona Maria in the UK Charts



Dona Maria Live in a concert in Aqaba in the intetrcontinental Hotel and resort with the Special Artist Ilham Al Madfai, with a surprise from Dona Maria to Ilham by writing Khuttar his song in spanish by Dona Maria and sing it live with him on stage what makes the ambience of the concert different…

Click here for video


Dona Maria Live in a concert 2009

She said in Spanish “No Quiero to corazon muy cerca de mi no. quiero un amor que vibrar mi corazon en mi cuerpo, in Arabic Ana la ya habibi mosh aayzak tigini wala hatta tifakar fiya aw tifakar tila’ini” thuis is how they present Dona Maria. Go to video on the top of the page.


Dona Maria on Alhurra tv:

Dona Maria on Alhurra tv on the 28 of June 2009 @ 8:30 pm for a live interview. the video will be posted after the interview with some photos too!

No automatic alt text available.


Dona Maria on Laha Magazine:

Dona Maria talking about her latest news with the reporter Roula Naser in Laha Magazine offices

Click and read the full interview


Dona Maria con Banda Solo Event:

Do you want to see Dona Maria in a live performance? Grab your chance with both hands and get your ticket – Limited tickets only 400 ticket get yours now…  Dona Maria con Banda Live Event on 19th of December 2008 solo event. Dona Maria con banda performed on 19th of December 2008 for more info go to News. for booking Dona Maria and her band go to contact page>>



Dona Maria new version Mi Vida (Spanish version) Lyrics by Dona Maria… More details on the way now you can listen to Mi Vida De Dona Maria online…



DONA MARIA with TITO Y SOYLO the official remix by THE FACE Records/Z-Muzic Records  New York studios.



Dona Maria is singing the Italian hit L’Immenista live and you can listen to a part of it here on Dona Maria’s official website… Thank you so much for the Italian artist singer and writer “Don Backy” soon you will be able to listen to the official recordings on radios and on the official pages related to Dona Maria on the internet includes Dona Maria’s official website so stay up to date guys… more hits and more news about the album and the new double video, coming on the way so stay close.. kisses from Dona Maria.



The Ogae Lebanon Representative to The 2007 Ogae Song Contest has been Chosen! Dona Maria with her song
” La’ Moush Ayza” (No I dont want to) (No Quiero)!Won after a long selection method. Dona Maria’s song managed to achieve the first place in both rounds of the Lebanese Club selection.
In the first phase , International Ogae members voted among
10 songs, the top 3 passed to a second round of vote.
Dona Maria got 43% of the total votes in the first round.
In the second round , Ogae Lebanon Members voted among
3 songs that made it through from phase one,

and again Dona Maria won with 7 out of 10 votes!

*This year 10 songs from Lebanon competed, and Dona Maria’s La Moush Ayza, got full votes from all members.

*Thus it will represent the Lebanese Eurovision Club in the 2007 OGAE SONG CONTEST that will be organized in Athens, by the Greek Ogae Club.
Dona Maria’s beautiful song will compete against 29 other countries, 29 other artists.

*These songs will be heard by many many music lovers from all over Europe and they will all vote for the song they like most and thus only 1 winner will be selected. see the results


Dona Maria on a TV program singing and talking about her art projects:

Dona Maria on Future international television program singing and talking about her latest news this Wednesday 27-6-2007 at 9:30 pm rerun on Friday at future international at 1:30pm and at 8:30 pm at the local Future channel Beirut Lebanon time.

Dona Maria singing her arabic version on a TV program presented by Mirey Mazraani on Future Tv international.


Dona Maria at Star Magazine “Paparazzi”:

For the next time Star magazine present Dona Maria! While Dona Maria was visiting some places in Lebanon her home country with one of her friends,  the “Star Magazine” was ready to take for her some photos!

Dona Maria store: Shop on line and have so many cool items having Dona Maria’s photos on and you can even have Dona Maria Double version!

You can have Dona Maria Double version in one CD with special presentation cover from Dona Maria Store Click here



Melody Hits Volume 2 CD by Melody music production includes the Hot arabic hit La Mosh Ayza by Dona Maria

Dona Maria No Quiero in the Arabian night 2007

“The Best  Arabian Night Party 2007 Ever” CD includes the international Hot Hit “No Quiero” by: Dona Maria lyrics by Dona Maria Composed and Arranged by “Boudy Naoum”! now available on CD and K7 at  the Virgin Mega Store Europe and now in the Middle east!

An interview with Dona Maria Exclusive on (Star magazine)

“Star magazine” Presents Dona Maria In an exclusive interview! With the reporter “Nicolas Azar” and the photographer “Wadih Shlink”…

Dona Maria singing and performing her Arabic version La Mosh Ayza on a TV program (Ikaa)!

Dona Maria on Future International TV Program “Ikaa”  singing with her unique voice and performing with her special way in dancing the Arabic version ‘La Mosh Ayza’ with Dona Maria special character , Saturday at 8:30pm rerun on Thursday ,and this is a snap shot from the video click here

An interview with Dona Maria at “Kol Al Osra” magazine:

Dona Maria is my real name and I’m Lebanese. Well about my double version music video “No Quiero”,” La Mosh Ayza” which I released lately “No Quiero” is the Spanish or Latín version and La Mosh Ayza is the Egyptian one and you know I was really impressed for the big success, this double version gave me actually, and now am still working on my double album and each album depends on 8 to 9 songs with a bonus track the English version of No Quiero in the Latin album, and  they are almost ready I’m working with the composer arranger “Boudy Naoum” with this double album and we will keep on working on other future projects.

About my first double album lyrics I wrote them from my day to day experiences!

“When I’m angry I write an aggressive song, I write soothing lyrics when I’m happy and love songs when I’m in love. When I’m angry with someone, my aggression comes out in my lyrics. I’m really like anyone else; sometimes I hate, love, and get angry and crazy.


“No Quiero”, “La’ Moush Ayza” double version are my good luck songs” and they represents a tremendous leap forward in my extraordinary career and in less then 2 month they made a difference in music world.

 “I do experiment several different rhythms on my double album such as: Rap, House, Turkish, Rock and Greek...

You know something at this moment in my life I want to surround myself with music and musicians who are interested in creating something different in music through unique sounds and I hope and pray I can reach all my goals and to make all my dreams come true. “This was some of the interview between the “Kol Al Osra” Reporter “Marie Rita” and the artist: Singer ,actor and writer Dona Maria” For full reading Click here


Best wishes with a peaceful holiday:

Best Wishes For a Happy Season and may your season ring with joy of Christmas and much happiness in the new year 2007to all my family, friends, team work and to all my fans in all over the world i love you all! From: Dona Maria

Dona Maria on a TV program Live


Orbit TV present Dona Maria at “Oyoun Beirut” program ,live on air for the first time before shooting  and releasing the first double music video ‘No Quiero’ and ‘La Mosh Ayza’. Orbit present Dona Maria as a singer, actress and writer while Dona Maria still preparing her double version ‘No Quiero’ and ‘La Mosh Ayza’, But her shining personality and her unique talents attracted the reporters even before releasing her double version ‘No Quiero’ and ‘La Mosh Ayza”. video


Dona Maria interview on Chabake magasine a Lebanese magasine, The reporter and pohotographer Joseph Kordahi did the interview with Dona Maria and also the photo session for this interview by Joseph camera, this interview before the No Quiero and La Mosh Aayza releases in stores, Tvs and radios…


Al Diar News papers talking about Dona Maria:

A political news paper ” Al Diar” is talking about Dona Maria and they are talking about the play that Dona Maria play the roll as “Marguerite”  directed by Clovis Atallah.



On Friday At 8:30pm The Last Show to the play that the actress singer Dona Maria’s playing the roll ‘Marguerite‘, and you’ll be able to watch the play on TV soon Dona Maria encouraged the Kids to always follow their dreams. She told them that the whole world is open to them as long as they work for something.


Headline:  Marguerite is a proud lady that has a mother who wants her to marry the prince for his money... watch a snap shot from the play that Dona Maria play in the part of “Marguerite”. click here for the video



The twins secret story mini book by Dona Maria released on 1995 when Dona Maria was still at school and the Leons association Represented by Mr. Alber Shhab helped this young lady to distribute this mini book through schools…