Dona Maria a Multilingual international artist singer/songwriter/composer


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Dona Maria a Lebanese international Multilingual artist lives in USA
Dona Maria is recognized worldwide as a multilingual artist/Singer/songwriter/composer/actress and producer.

Her name takes part in many Arabic and international companies such as EMI, Melody Music and others and up till now she is still working as a famous independent artist.

Dona Maria, whose name comes from the Brazilian and Spanish muse of the theater.

she’s a Lebanese lady born in Beirut on the 4th of September with no sisters or brothers and live in USA with her family.

At an early age, she authored a book “The Twin’s Secret Story” that was successfully run in stores for two years.

Dona Maria wanted more. “I have always been a music lover” she said. In 2000, Dona Maria continued to explore her writings.

Her career as a professional singer and actress took off in 2003 when she stared in the theatrical play of Danielle de Barbarak in 2002-2003.

She worked her way from the bottom up and that is how her fans know her.
She’s passionately involved in the music arrangements as well but she doesn’t mind listening to other songs or poetries and if she likes it.

“I apply several rhythms in my songs such as: Pop, Rap, House, Turkish, Greek, Middle east and so many others.

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