Dona Maria is a talented vivacious singer, composer, actor, and producer writer as well as an interior, graphic and website designer!

Dona Maria is recognized worldwide as a multilingual artist who sings, writes songs, composes,

performs, acts in English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Arabic.

Her name takes part in many Arabic and international companies such as EMI, Melody Music

and others and up till now she is still working as a famous independent artist who owns her rights.

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The 62nd CD by Various Artist that entered the Grammy Awards 1rst Ballot 2020 featuring the artist Dona Maria with her single No More Tragedy,

So the “No More Tragedy” single that was in the Grammy Awards 1rst Ballot for the 2020, will be available in Physical and Digital stores world wide.

Distribution by Bongo Boy Record. No More Tragedy by Dona Maria, Produced and managed by DM the NO.

Dona Maria arrived to Latin Grammy Awards 2020 in Las Vegas.

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