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TelemundoDona Maria is an international talented vivacious singer, composer, actor, and producer Dona Maria got worldwide recognition as a multilingual artist .But her name takes part in many international companies such as EMI, Melody Music and others. She’s passionately involved in the music arrangements as well but she doesn’t mind listening to other songs .“I apply several rhythms in my songs such as: Pop, Rap, House, Turkish, Greek, Middle east and so many others.At this moment in my life, I want to surround myself with music and musicians who are interested in creating new and unique sounds. Read more


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The 62nd CD by Various Artist

The Album contain the Grammy Awards 1rst Ballot 2020 nominees.

 And the Album Will be featuring the artist Dona Maria with her single No More Tragedy,

Distribution by Bongo Boy Record.

Produced and managed by DM the NO. Click here to listen

Dona Maria arrived to Latin Grammy Awards 2020 in Las Vegas.

Dona Maria is an international

We all have history but DONA MARIA is a Legend of mystery.

But Her latest release was a double version album “Soy Lo Que Soy“, “Akoun Mn Akoun” and “I’m What I’m” that was in the 1rst Ballot voting in the Latin Grammy Awards 2019.

The Album featured eleven tracks written and composed by the artist Dona Maria.

Produced and managed by DM the NO.

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Dona Maria is an international

Dona Maria is an international

Dona Maria is an international

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