Dona Maria

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Listen to Fire and Fuego New
Fire & Fuego English / Spanish versions will blow up your head with her powerful unique voice.

I love to release new songs and music videos in this period of every year because its is a really exiting period for me and even I can say from august 17 my anniversary till September 4 my birthday onward till we end up each year with the New Year’s Eve, it’s a very exiting for me my husband and my son Don. yes Don my son that I named him on my name and my mom first name so I named him Don Andrew so to go back to what I was talking about that he last 3 month of each year is really special not just for me but For you too? am I right? yes I mean you who’s reading those lines 🙂 Dona Maria said.

Are you ready for Dona Maria New releases Fire / Fuego 2 versions and Music Videos that will be out on October 17/2021 and October 18/2021. So be ready and go subscribe on you tube and Spotify to be the first who listen and watch the Fire that is coming up by the singer/songwriter Dona Maria.



Fire and Fuego High resolution format – Dona Maria (

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